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The NEECA facilities are available for rent by individual members who may like to use the arena for schooling, lessons, etc., and by other organizations who might want to rent the arena/grounds to host an event.  


Cost for NEECA member to rent 90 minute session in the main arena is only $5 per session!  A package of 5 sessions for only $20 is also available.  You can pay for your rental session online through PayPal, click here.


Instructors may rent the arena for lessons but must provide certificate of insurance with NEECA specifically mentioned as additional insured.


Riding sessions must be scheduled in advance so that we can guarantee exclusive use of the arena.  If two different parties are up there at the same time, the person(s) who scheduled and paid for ride time have priority.


Anyone using the arena or facilities must have a Liability Release Waiver on file with us beforehand. CLICK HERE TO SIGN ONLINE WAIVER, OR PRINT OUT LIABILITY RELEASE AND HELMET OPT-OUT* (if you are over 18 and do not wish to wear a helmet when riding at NEECA, or in NEECA events) FORM.  SIGN AND EMAIL/MAILTO NEECA BEFORE RIDING OR DRIVING, OR PARTICIPATING IN ANY ACTIVITY AT THE NEECA EQUESTRIAN PARK. PLEASE READ BOTH PAGES AND SIGN PAGE 2. IF YOU WANT TO MAIL IT, THE ADDRESS IS P.O. Box 366, Athol, MA  01331.  





If you would like more information,  

please email



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