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(Click on underlined Board Members' names to learn a little about them)

Caroline Mansfield-President, Pam DeGregorio-Vice President, Sue Ellen Mowcomber-Treasurer, Terry Lupien -Secretary, Marty ArsenaultAlthea Bramhall, Korynn LaughlinLinda LeBlanc, Margo Petracone, Kendra UusitaloPete Whitmore

Our Facility

Over 20 years ago, local horse enthusiasts in the North Central region of Massachusetts had a dream of developing an equestrian park in that area. The main purpose of this park would be to provide equestrians in the region a place where they could come with their horse(s) to participate in the activity of their choice, whether it be trail riding, showing, or participating in clinics, etc.

When a large parcel of land suitable for this purpose became available for sale, this determined group of people approached the town of Athol for assistance and, with the support of the town, purchased the property. This was the beginning of the NEW ENGLAND EQUESTRIAN LAND MANAGEMENT CONSERVATION CORPORATION, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting in the development and operations of lands set aside for the specific purpose of equestrian use for present, and future, generations of horse lovers.

Under the guidance of the NEELMCC; the New England Equestrian Center of Athol (NEECA) was created: an organization of dedicated members willing to donate their time and labor to ensure that the Equestrian Park continues to thrive, grow, and provide opportunities for riders, drivers and others to enjoy the over 200 acres we call home.

Through grants, fundraisers, horse shows, clinics, auctions, along with some good old "sweat equity" work days up at the park, our membership has turned the dream into a reality. We now have a 240' X 100' main arena at NEECA with a PA system, a warm-up ring, round pen, driving area, and VERY fun Confidence Course, in addition to about 3 miles of well marked trails.  We have a large trailer parking area adjacent to the main ring, and additional parking for cars and trucks. We recently achieved the long time goal of bringing electricity into NEECA. In 2022 we put in a Food Booth, and in 2023 we had a well installed, along with additional speakers placed in the trailer parking driveway.  We just keep "going and growing"!


Come see what we have to offer for your own riding or driving pleasure, and consider leasing the New England Equestrian Center of Athol's park for your club or organization's event.



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