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Another Busy Year In Store For NEECA

2023 saw an unprecedented growth of membership for NEECA, along with an ever expanding offering of events and services.  And from the looks of things so far, it appears that momentum is showing no sign of slowing down in 2024.  We ended 2023 with 250 members and, as of 1/11/24, we already have 130 members signed up for 2024.  It's also worth noting that 40 of those 130 members are NEW.  Looks like the good word is spreading!

The NEECA Nibblers Food Booth was completed in 2022, last year saw the completion of a well, a long wished for goal that was finally realized.  In addition, we continued to improve other amenities to the park;  adding more challenges to the Confidence Course, improving the Driving Area, and installing additional speakers up by the main arena.

During the first meeting of 2024, the Board of Directors began discussions to identify projects that would be prioritized for completion this year, along with mid and long-range goals.  We will provide more details as projects are selected.

We had nearly 40 events in 2023, and we're well on the way to surpassing that number for this year.  NEECA prides itself on being multi-discipline facility, and the number and variety of events we sponsor and host throughout the year are evidence of that.  Educational clinics, gymkhanas, jumping shows, side saddle clinic, six shooters, poker rides, name it, we've probably done it, or are planning to do it!

Best of all, there is a sense that the "good word" about NEECA is spreading.  We pride ourselves on being a welcoming, inclusive organization that prioritizes offering well-run events for our members to enjoy, in addition to numerous learning opportunities to increase horse owners' knowledge regarding proper care of their horse.

As always, thank you for your continued support of efforts to develop NEECA into the wonderful and unique facility it has become.

NEECA Trail Brochure.png


NEECA Trail Maps and Informational Brochure now available.  They are located at NEECA in blue boxes located at information board next to grandstand by Main Arena, and at Confidence Course.

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