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NEECA Member Appreciation Day Info

Saturday, September 23rd

Welcome!  Thank you for your interest in NEECA's Member Appreciation Day.  We have had an amazing couple of years, thanks in great part to the support of our wonderful members.  We wanted to do something to say "thank you".  So we came up with the idea of hosting a Members Only day at NEECA where we offered some fun activities to do both on horseback, and on your own two feet.  

Kids Riding Horses

Scroll Below To See What We've Got Scheduled, And When!

What's Happening During The Day??
We've got a lot planned for members to enjoy throughout the day.  Whether you decide to bring your horse and participate, or just want to come and watch, you'll have plenty to do.  And it's all FREE! 
It's a great opportunity to stop by and get to know more about NEECA, and meet some other NEECA members. Our NEECA Nibblers Food Booth will be open for lunch and the chow is on us!  Free drinks, hot dogs and snacks will be on hand for everyone to enjoy.

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