We are having a fund raiser for NEECA to help pay for continued growth of our municipal,
equestrian park. Lisa Damon has generously donated two therapy sessions for this raffle. Take

advantage of this offer and support the park!

Lisa Damon- Alternative Equine Therapy Raffle Drawing!

What is being donated:   2 Individual Sessions (not including herbs/teas)

Date of Raffle:  Wednesday, June 2nd

Tickets must be purchased by Monday, May 24th

Lisa Damon, owner of “To Be Honest” (aka TBH), is a red light therapist, equine holistic nutritionist, and also can provide horses with individualized herbal support as needed.  Lisa has been a red light therapist for 7 years and has been a vet tech for large and small animals for 22 years. 



Information about Red Light Therapy from Lisa:

Red Light Therapy is not very common yet.  It is important to understand the history and its evolution.  Light therapy has been studied for over 100 years for its healing ability.  Visible red light ranges between 400-700 mm.  Red light therapy accelerates wound healing on virtually any wound.  It relaxes muscles and fascia and is anti-viral/bacterial.  Red light therapy increases circulation of old and acute issues and regulates the energy within the body.  It increases nitric oxide within the cells and provides collagen repair and restoration.  When red light is used on acupoints, much like acupuncture, it can restore the overall health and well being of the body.  The wonderful part of red light therapy is there are very few contraindications, and it can be used alongside of conventional medicine.  Herbal remedies work very well with red light session.

How the raffle will work:
The raffle will take place between now and June 2nd.  The drawing will take place on
June 2nd. Two different raffle tickets will be drawn – each one for an individual session with Lisa!

Purchasing tickets:
If purchasing online, click "Buy Now" on PayPal link below.  Cost for tickets is listed below, so whatever amount you submit on PayPal, the corresponding amount of tickets will be mailed to you.  For example, if you paid $20 on PayPal, you would receive 30 tickets in the mail.

Ticket Prices:                                                                                                                        $5 - 5 tickets
$10 – 15 tickets
$20 - 30 tickets

$40 – 70 tickets

If you would rather purchase tickets by check, please send check, payable to NEECA, to  Pam DeGregorio, New Salem, MA.  Make sure your address and phone number is on check, and please write number of tickets being purchased in memo line.